If you are looking for live entertainment, we can handle that for you too! At Hitmen Entertainment Services we work with several different venues that require us to be a versatile company. You will get a band that fits your establishment and caters to your sensibilities. We have bands that specialize in many different types of music that allow us to work with a variety of bars and clubs, and their diverse clientele.
Rock bands, Top 40 bands, Funk bands, Jazz bands, Dance bands, Latin Bands, Country Bands, Sinatra Tributes, Big Bands…You pick; we’ve got it for you!

All of our bands are volume sensitive!

What You Get With Our Bands

Peace Of Mind
You can rest assured that we will be punctual, prepared for anything, and our customer relations will be second to none. You can rest easily knowing that all your guests will be treated with respect and patience, and we try to play as many requests as possible. Most importantly, we will always give you what you deem you need. We’re there to do the job for you.

Band Equipment
The sound, video and lighting systems that we provide with our mobile band services will always be appropriate to what you need. It is all top quality machinery, and we will not suffer from technical issues due to equipment malfunction.

Hitmen Entertainment Services bands have performed at venues that range from bars, clubs, high schools and university pubs to private celebrations like weddings, and corporate functions, just to name a few. You are assured an entertainment service that has had their musicians go through a lot of different scenarios.

Vast Music Repertoire
The bands are always prepared. Our bands’ music repertoire is so expansive that we can easily perform whatever theme you need. You can get a great music mix, or we can stay within one coherent theme.

We have bands on the roster that can actually take requests because their repertoire is so gargantuan. How many bands can do that? In addition, all of our bands will learn songs in advance of an event, if this is required. You can’t go wrong, because we have you covered!

What do you want? Country western band? No problem. Rock cover bands? Sure thing! 80’s bands? Dance Party Bands? Jazz, Latin or Big Bands? Of course. We can go on and on…

Not only do we provide great live bands, with a variety of themes or music genres. We can provide any type of musicians for things like reception music, or classical wedding ceremony music. If you need anything like classical strings, bagpipe wedding music, or acoustic guitar duos, we can supply that for you.

If you want to know more about our bands, see some pics and videos, click here:
Meet Our bands

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Mobile Bands for Hire

Looking to hire a live band?
If you’re trying to find live music bands in Toronto or GTA bands in general, you have come to the right place. Hitmen Entertainment has amazing interactive entertainment and thoroughly experienced bands that are guaranteed to energize your event. When you’re booking bands for weddings, or even fun corporate events, think Hitmen. Our mobile band services are second-to-none, and our focus on customer service, versatility and ‘no pressure’ pricing really makes Hitmen a quality choice for your function. Why take a chance? You need to find the entertainment company that will give you the best services. Don’t hire a band until you’ve checked us out first!

Custom Bands for Hire
One definitive note about the bands is that they are guaranteed to be top quality performers and entertainers. For live cover bands at your company holiday party or if you need live rock bands or tribute bands for your private birthday party, hire the best

Get EXACTLY what you are looking for!

Bands for Themed Events
If you require a band to play something specific all night, or you need a band to play niche music for a theme, you’re looking in the right place. Do you need some Halloween tunes played for your Halloween bash? No problem. Do you want a 60s Invasion Band to play at your 60s themed party? We have you covered. The list goes on. What do you need? Give us a call.

Most of our bands have incredibly large repertoires AND we are still willing to learn songs requested by event organizers or brides and grooms. In fact, we try to create a musical landscape that is so indicative of the planners that we also take and respect a ‘do not play list’. What we don’t play could be just as important as what we do play.

From Elvis Presley to Taylor Swift; from Michael Jackson to Metallica, from disco parties to country hoe downs, we can play it for you if you wish. It’s all about you and what you want and need.

From Old School R n B to Rock Music Entertainment…
Our commitment to customer service allows you to choose whatever you want. We don’t just listen, we follow through. You get exactly what you want because YOU will help us create the bands playlist.

All of our bands are volume sensitive.
You’ll never have an issue with our bands playing too loud. We want to put on a show, but if you require something a little more low-key, we are happy to accommodate. Our bands understand that not all gigs are about them. It’s always about you. We’re volume sensitive for all of our gigs, but our wedding and corporate bands will especially take your lead on volume for performances like weddings and company parties. Our bands and live musicians are so respectful of volume requirements that we could easily play sets of cocktail music and dinner music if that is required of us.

Stand Out With DJ+…

Do something special with your entertainment! If you can’t decide between a DJ or a band, why not get the best of both worlds? Check out our DJ PLUS packages! This cool DJ and bands combination will offer you a DJ who will play all night and play every song you want, AND you can also get live musical accompaniment to play along with the DJ. You pick the number of live musicians you want, and pick the instruments you want too! DJs and bands are a great 1-2 punch! This complimentary union is a very cool, unique way to raise your entertainment to a new level. The DJ band combination is also a great way to keep your energy level up.

Wedding Bands

Need a band for your wedding?
Interested in live bands for weddings? Hitmen has a wide variety of wedding bands that can perfectly add that ‘something special’. From string quartets for your wedding ceremony, to a jazz quintet for your cocktail music, and finish off the evening with a dance band for your reception, we have it all!

Wedding Bands for Hire:
Ceremony Music: We book strings for ceremonies and cocktail receptions, solos, string duos, string trio and string quartets are all available.
Cocktail Music: Your guests will love the cocktail reception if you add some cool wedding music to the background.
Party Cover Bands: Dance wedding music is a huge part of your wedding celebration! We carry a live band for any musical taste: alternative metal wedding bands, country & western bands, even full Latin Bands.

Our experienced bands have large repertoires; they can come prepared to perform your special moment songs, from your father daughter dance, your first dance, the perfect ceremony music, and all of your dream reception songs, they can do it all!

Corporate Event Bands

Planning a corporate event? We have GREAT corporate bands!
All of our corporate event bands have experience with corporate events and know the “dos and don’ts” to make sure your corporate function is handled with the utmost respect and professionalism. Corporate party bands can be just the right addition to your event. Whether you are looking for a band for your charity event, your Christmas corporate party or other corporate event entertainment, Hitmen has the custom band for your event. Corporate event entertainers can add the necessary touch to your functions burst with energy. What creates a better atmosphere than dancing and watching bands live? Book a band with Hitmen!

Types of Bands

Are you looking to throw a party? Book a band, live music & entertainment!
Hitmen entertainers are well versed, and have successfully performed at parties and events as diverse as Toronto and the GTA area. If you want to book a live party band, we have special event bands that cover many themes, eras and genres. If you need live band music, some of our event bands include:

1980s Bands/Retro Bands
Rock Bands Live!
Live Alternative Music: Alternative Bands/Alternative Grunge/Alternative 90s
Classic Rock Band/Classic Rock Cover Band
Cuban Band (we even have professional dancers that can provide dance lessons)
1970s Bands/Disco Bands (disco cover band, live dance bands)
Old School Funk Soul Bands
Jazz Wedding Bands, Jazz Bands (live jazz music)
Latin bands/Latino bands (live salsa band)
Live Country Bands/Country And Western Bands
Pop Music Entertainment: Pop Music Groups/Pop Rock Bands
Motown Bands
Jack ‘n Jill Bands
Christmas Bands
Bands for All Your Events!

Downtown Band or Rural Entertainment…
On a final note, we have provided party bands and entertainment for many different types of special events; personal special events AND corporate special events. Regardless of the style of party, you will get the band that fits your vibe, style and theme. We can supply, and have performed at functions such as:

Band For Weddings
Anniversary Party Entertainment: Anniversaries/Anniversary Party Bands
Bachelorette Parties
Community Events
Corporate Christmas Party Bands
High School Dance Bands
Prom Bands/Prom Formal Bands
Semi Formal Events
College Bands/University Bands
Baptism Bands
Communion Bands
Confirmation Bands
Private Party Bands
Holiday Party Bands
Themed Events
Sweet 16 Bands
Birthday Party Bands
Bar Mitzvah Bands/Bat Mitzvah Bands
Formals: Formal Events, Formal Galas
Music For Wedding Ceremony
New Year’s Eve
Cocktail Music Bands
Buck And Doe Bands
Charity Fundraising Events
Corporate Party Bands
Homecoming Bands
Band Fundraisers
Etc., Etc.

Remember, we are very focused on giving event coordinators and brides and grooms exactly what they want for their big event. Our bands are capable and excited about playing different styles of music that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, or musically express the theme of the party. We want you to put your ‘musical fingerprint’ on the event, because that is what will make it special and memorable. Hitmen listens to you.