Old School Vibe with that New School Twist

Hitmen Entertainment Services is where experience and old school work ethic meets current trends and technology.

Hitmen Entertainment Services is an entertainment company that has been operating in Toronto and the GTA since 1997, but has far reaching experience that stretches back into the 80’s. Despite being in business for so many years, in an ever changing industry, Hitmen Entertainment is still thriving.

What’s the secret?

There are several contributing factors to the success of any business, but one of the most important aspects that has maintained Hitmen through the years is simple: OLD SCHOOL WORK ETHIC.

Times change, but the traditional work ethic should not. Neither should quality and service. We mean it.

If you’ve had it with people who act like you work for them, instead of them working for you, you DEFINITELY need to call Hitmen Entertainment.

The New School Twist

The new era for Hitmen Entertainment has the company offering the traditional types of entertainment like: DJs; bands; karaoke etc.; and also providing an array of additional kinds of entertainment that includes: casino events; magicians; Santa Claus, quiz night/trivia night and much, much more.

However, the reality of the situation is that the ‘new school twist’ isn’t really about offering a larger array of entertainment options; it’s about offering clients unprecedented support. It’s about offering clients a fully encompassing marketing and promotions package.

Starting with great entertainment is the perfect jump-off point, but that entertainment program needs to be complimented with a marketing and promotions plan that makes people aware of what is happening at your establishment, peaks their interest, gets them through your door and encourages them to spend money in your establishment. Engaging customers afterwards and keeping them coming back is a major focus for us. Hitmen Entertainment Services can put together a perfect solution for you and your establishment.

3 Part Platinum Package

  1. Choose your entertainment. Lots of options. Excellent, reliable entertainers.
  2. Website Design. Proper SEO work. Designed and catered towards your establishment.
  3. Social Media Management. Expert contributions. Guaranteed numbers.

For ultimate results, we recommend that you strongly consider the full package. That does make the most sense. However, if you feel like you only need one or two of the services, we can certainly still help you. Whatever you need!

All Inclusive Super Party Packages

Maybe you want to go hard on a few events? Hitmen Entertainment can offer you some excellent all-inclusive packages to throw an event right. The best part about it is that you can choose from one of our awesome pre-designed packages, or you can create your own from our a la carte options.

You can choose from many different options, and most packages will include:

  1. Entertainment – DJs, bands, karaoke, Rock Star karaoke, casino tables, etc.
  2. Host/Hostess – They will run trivia, conduct games, handle prize give-aways, do squares, enhance customer experience, collect contact/social media information, etc.
  3. Promotional Assistance – In house poster and table tent design, banners, social media, etc.
  4. Organizational Assistance – We are WPIC Certified Event Planners and will help organize your event.

There are lots of things you can feature with your super parties. Let us help.

Feature Promo of the Month

Holiday season is right around the corner, and that means that bookings are happening now. Don’t miss out on your chance to get a great deal on an amazing DJ package for your special day. If you book Hitmen Entertainment Services’ Holiday Package 2 within the month of October (regardless of the party date), you will receive a major discount: Package 2 for Package 1 pricing!

Package 2 includes:
– One awesome DJ
– All necessary sound equipment
– A great 4-piece light show
– 2 Full meetings with a WPIC Certified Event Planner
– 7.5 Hours of service
– A cordless mic

(must be booked and confirmed no later than Nov 30 to receive discount)
(NB All potential additional costs (such as extra hours, extra equipment, extra travel, etc.) will still be incurred.


1) Tired of your entertainment and staff doing what they want instead of what you want? We understand who the boss is.
2) This is not a ‘side hustle’ for us. This is what we do for a living. We NEED to be great.
3) Fed up with entertainers and staff showing up late? Our staff is held accountable
4) We have a network of entertainers. That means you are covered properly when entertainers and staff need time off.
5) We have a ‘Code of Conduct’. All of our staff and entertainers must read and sign it. They are held accountable.
6) We have techies on staff. We can assist you in doing small tech jobs and large installs.
7) We hire the best because we have too.
8) We are a professional company that acts professionally on all levels.
9) E-mails, texts, etc. are a great tool, but sometimes you just want to talk. We get it. We actually pick up the phone and/or call back.
10) We are present. We will pop in on our clients. If you need a meeting with us, we are open and available at your convenience.
11) We are keen to help you with your decision making. Let’s brainstorm ideas. Let’s figure out what the best fit is for you and your establishment. We have experience, and we definitely want things to work for you. If it’s good for you, it’s good for us. End of story.
12) We are very versatile. Your entertainers or entertainment style can be changed quickly to suit your needs. Whatever and who ever works for you.
13) If you’ve had your fill of staff and entertainers acting entitled and consequence free; you should be. Why would you want to deal with that? We take responsibility and handle the entertainment staff.
14) Working with a committed company like ours will save you stress and work hours. In fact, taking a full package with Hitmen can (not only) save you money, but will actually start bringing in bigger profits.
15) We take our directions and orders from you.

You can rely on us. No excuses.

Music Programming Services

The Hitmen have also become leaders in Music Programming Services. Different establishments require different sounds; something that sets them apart – something that allows them to have a musical fingerprint that stands out. Programming the right music properly goes a long way to enhancing the guest experience. It’s not just about who you have in your establishment, it’s also about who you want.

Attention Chains: Restaurants, Bars, Stores, Gyms, etc.

Consistency is such a major factor in a chain’s survival and success. Programming the right music, the right way is important. Controlling that music so that it is consistent throughout all your locations is critical. It’s your brand, your vibe – the way you intended it to be.

Certified Professional Assistance

Working with the Hitmen comes with lots of bonuses too. We have WPIC certified Event Coordinators and Wedding Planners on staff. If you’re planning any type of event (big or small) our experienced professionals will give you direction, advice and assist you in any way they can to help make your event run smoothly. They are also available to discuss and support clients with technical or A/V needs.

Hitmen Entertainment also has lists of preferred vendors that we can recommend. The best part about it is that even though the Coordination assistance is very valuable for Christmas and holiday parties, corporate events and private functions like: weddings; birthday parties; anniversaries; engagements; jack n jills; etc., these tools are equally valuable and transferrable to organizing events in establishments like: bars; clubs; lounges; restaurants; stores; malls; and other venues like that. Hitmen Entertainment can help with your grand opening party; product launch; Super Bowl Party; charity event; etc.

Depending on the scope of what needs to be done, Coordination assistance may come at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Some conditions apply.