Disc Jockey Services

We simply have one of the best stables of DJs around. We stand by that statement. Regardless of the venue, style, genre, era or function, our DJs will deliver.

The Hitmen boast DJs that have musical expertise so that playing a multitude of eras and genres is effortless, but if you need a specialist in any kind of music (from Motown to Trap), we can send you someone to rock your party.

We have DJs that will concentrate on mic work and host a party, and we have a wonderful array of female DJs as well.

What are you looking for?

What You Get With Our DJ Music Services

Choice of DJs
You will get the DJs that are the right fit for you and your celebration or function. We have DJs and MCs that have different styles and areas of strength, and this means we can offer you a variety of different styles that may be appropriate for diverse audiences and theme nights. You can also decide on the number of entertainers you want. One is usually enough, but depending on what type of an event you’re running, sometimes having more than one person on the job makes things run that much more smoothly. One final note about the DJs is that they are guaranteed to be top quality performers and entertainers. They are all auditioned, then they are all trained with Hitmen Entertainment Services ideology. Female DJs; Video DJs; MC DJs – it’s all up to you.

Peace Of Mind
You can rest assured that we will be punctual, prepared for anything, and our customer relations will be second to none. You can rest easily knowing that all your guests will be treated with respect and patience, and we try to play as many requests as possible. Most importantly, we will always give you what you deem you need. We’re there to do the job for you.

DJ Equipment
The sound, video and lighting systems that we provide with our mobile DJ services will always be appropriate to what you need. It is all top quality machinery, and we will not suffer from technical issues due to our equipment malfunction. Our mobile DJs have access to back-up units for emergencies.

Hitmen Entertainment Services DJs have performed at venues that range from bars, clubs, high schools and university pubs to private celebrations like weddings, and corporate functions, just to name a few. You are assured an entertainment service that has had their employees go through a lot of different scenarios.

Vast Music Repertoire
The DJs are always prepared. Our DJ’s music repertoire is so expansive that we can easily play whatever theme you need.

Versatility and Options
Not only do we provide great DJs, with a variety of themes or music genres, we can also provide many other types of professional entertainment such as cover bands for hire, or live singers, classical strings, bagpipes, or acoustic guitar duos. You can also hire entertainers that are more non-traditional such as karaoke, magicians, comedy magicians, or even hypnotists.

And remember, versatility also means having a roster of music services that can support several different functions. From office holiday parties to private parties, we have the disc jockey that is the right fit for your celebration. Out of all the party entertainment companies, Hitmen certainly delivers at every level.

Stand Out With DJ+…

DJ+Band Packages: You can book a DJ and a band – or you can hire DJ PLUS to get THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS in one neat package! Experience a DJ with live musical accompaniment.

Do something special with your entertainment! If you can’t decide between a DJ or a band, why not get the best of both worlds? Check out our DJ PLUS packages! This cool DJ and band combination will offer you a DJ who will play all night and play every song you want, AND you can also get live musicians to play along with the DJ. You pick the number of live musicians you want, and you can even pick the instruments you want too! DJ’s and bands are a great 1-2 punch! This complimentary union is a very cool, unique way to raise your entertainment to a new level. The DJ Band combination is also a great way to keep your energy level up.

Hire a Video Jockey (VJ)…

You can book all the same details as a regular DJ package, but upgrade to Video! Our Video Jockey packages come complete with a big screen and projector, plus you can always add on more if you desire. The Video shows are an excellent way to enhance the ambiance of a party, while still providing all the same DJ action you’d expect.

Types of DJs

Are you looking to hire a DJ? Book with a professional DJ service!

If you are looking for a DJ for hire, we have high energy DJs that cover many themes, eras and genres. If you need a live music DJ, some of our party DJs include:

Country DJs
Disco DJs
Funk DJs/DJ funk/DJ remix
Fully Vinyl DJ – DJ Vinyl
Video DJs – VJs
Formal DJs
Hip-Hop/Hip Hop Club DJs/Hip Hop DJs Music
House DJs/Trance House DJs
Latin DJs
Motown DJs
Retro DJs
Rock DJs/Alternative DJs/New Rock DJs
Classic Rock DJs
Techno DJs
Top 40 DJs
Pop DJs
Old School DJs/Old Skool DJs
The list goes on and on…

Hitmen entertainers are well versed, and have successfully performed at parties and events as diverse as Toronto and The GTA area. Hitmen has multicultural DJs/entertainers and multilingual DJs/entertainers that have played ethnic music functions for cultures from all over the planet, including:

Indian Wedding DJs
Latin Wedding DJs/Salsa DJs
Portuguese Wedding DJs
Italian Music Wedding DJs
Jewish Wedding Music DJs
Italian Music DJs
Greek Music DJs
Mandarin music DJs
Macedonian DJs
Caribbean/West Indian DJs
East Indian Wedding DJ/Goan/Etc. DJs
Asian DJs
United Kingdom (Scottish, Irish, Etc.) DJs
Bilingual, DJ Francophone Toronto/French Speaking DJs
Plus many, many others.

If you want to know more about our DJs, listen to some mixes, see some pics and videos, click here: Meet Our DJs