Mobile Event DJs

Hitmen Entertainers are not just bar, club and lounge DJs; especially if you’re looking for something fresh for your wedding, corporate event or private function. Our philosophy for these types of events is simple: Give the clients what they want. We know everybody says that, but we mean it.

At Hitmen Entertainment Services we understand how important a wedding or function can be, while at the same time how stressful it can be to organize the event and make sure everything is perfect.

We take a lot of pride in our meticulous approach to the event, and we put a lot of time and effort into making sure that YOU AND YOUR GUESTS will be satisfied with what is played. Showing up and taking requests is simply not enough. We meet with a bride and groom or event organizers personally at least twice to make sure we are on the same page in order to give you exactly what you want from the moment we start playing. We show up prepared.

In addition, The Hitmen have WPIC certified Party Coordinators and Wedding Planners who assist in this process and we definitely try to guide clients and couples along the right path. However, in the end, all final decisions lie with our clients. End of story. You will get what you want because we want to help create an atmosphere that is indicative of you, not us. Our interaction with you is to help you put your musical “fingerprint” on your day. This will ensure that you will get what is right for you, and this is what will make your day special.

DJs for Themed Events

We have turned the last hour of weddings and corporate functions into: old-school funk/retro dance parties; hip hop wedding receptions; we’ve played only certain genres: country wedding music, alternative wedding music; and electro house, just to name a few. In fact, we have even played a heavy metal themed wedding!

Please keep in mind that under normal circumstances we would rarely stray from acceptable musical norms, but our customer service focus means that we will give brides and grooms exactly what they crave. If our clientele wants us to stick within a certain theme, require us to play something unconventional, or are looking to put their own spin on the entertainment, we will do it! If you need a customized DJ, hire the dj company that plays music for you!

From Elvis Presley to Katy Perry; from Michael Jackson to Metallica, from disco parties to country hoe downs, big weddings to small weddings, we can play it for you if you wish. It’s all about you and what you want and need.

Wedding Disc Jockeys

Looking for a DJ for a wedding? All of our DJ package pricing include a professional disc jockey, DJ lighting, DJ equipment and (if required) our DJ’s can act as your wedding emcee, all at great rates.

Not looking for your typical wedding DJ? Hitmen can help you find your custom DJ!


Not everyone can DJ a wedding, don’t rely on an ipod, trust your special day to a professional wedding DJ that can read the crowd and know when to play the songs your guests request! We have many various DJs for weddings at Hitmen, we are sure to have the wedding DJ for you!

Corporate DeeJays

If you need disc jockey services that can play any specific type of entertainment, we can make that happen for you! Bringing in a disc jockey can change the atmosphere of a party instantly! From soulful house music to old school jams, we have the D.J. for hire that will fit your function.

Our corporate party DJs have worked all types of events, we can play at your corporate Christmas/holiday party, or your charity events, even a special retirement celebration!

Deejays for All Your Events!

From Old School R&B to Rock Music Entertainment…

The DJs music has to be spot on, so if you need a DJ in Toronto or the surrounding area, hire the best. Our commitment to customer service allows you to choose whatever you want. We don’t just listen, we follow through. You get exactly what you want because YOU will help us create the DJ play list.

Downtown DJ Or Rural Entertainment…

We have provided party DJs and entertainment for many different types of special events; personal special events AND corporate special events. Regardless of the style of party, you will get the DJ that fits your vibe, style and theme. We can supply, and have performed at functions such as:

Anniversary Entertainment: Anniversary DJ/Anniversary Party DJ
Bachelorette Party DJ
Baptisms Entertainment: Baptisms DJ
Bar Mitzvah Music: Bar Mitzvah DJs
Bat Mitzvah Music: Bat Mitzvah DJs
Birthday DJs/Birthday Party DJs
Boat Cruises/Boat Party DJs
Buck and Doe Party/Buck and Doe DJ
Christmas Parties/Christmas Party DJ
Cocktail Music DJ
College DJs/University DJs
Communion Entertainment: Communion DJ
Confirmation Entertainment: Confirmation DJ
Corporate Event DJs/Corporate DeeJays
Dance Party DJ
High School Entertainment: High School Dance DJs / High School DJ / Dances
Homecoming DJ
Holiday Party Entertainment: Holiday Party DJ
Jack and Jill DJ/Jack ‘n’ Jill DJ
Kids Party DJ
Meeting DJ
Themed Night DJ/DJs for Themed Events
Private Part DJs
Summer DJ
Sweet 16 DJ
Wedding DJ’s/Wedding Disc Jockeys
Wedding Music DJ/Wedding Function DJs/Wedding Party DJ/Wedding Reception DJ
And MANY more!