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We create fitness industry related music programming tailor fit for clubs/gyms, specific instructors and different classes that can work for one-on-one or group settings. These music lists or mixes are specifically developed to identify with YOUR brand, but can still reflect characteristics of individual instructors or theme; ie. A special outdoor class in the summer may require more songs that contain content that is synonymous with sunshine, summer and open air. Different classes also require distinct vibes for people working out to get the most out of the experience. We will handle all the programming that reflects: BPM, tempo, genre, era or a combination of classifications. A Spin Class has a definitively different vibe than a Boot Camp. The music MUST reflect this, and as such, we must carefully decide to either create a consistent energy flow or customize and add in higher or lower periods of energy. All of these decisions are made after great deliberation and is decided by committee; not just a DJ and not just a fitness instructor. In addition, the musical choices are made after on-site research and analysis of specific classes is done.

Hitmen Entertainment can help you find your sound and brand your vibe, while enhancing the musical soundscape of the gym in general and specific classes. We can elevate your customer experience in 3 ways:


These are general music playlists that do not necessarily have a specific target in mind, but are excellent tunes to do general work-outs too. Regardless of the club/gym’s technical capacity, we can work with it. Do you want your music on a hard drive? Maybe downloadable? Even on CD? We can do it. If you have an internet music provider, we can also make lists on their system.

Please visit our ‘Music Programming’ Section to learn more.


We can create great pre-done mixes that gym/club instructors or even regular exercisers can purchase and use. These mixes will be developed properly and be well thought out. After carefully observing the classes you need mixes for, we will get to it, but you will actually have some choices as to how you want us to proceed. We can offer you greater control over the process, or you can leave it entirely in our capable hands. Using a Spin Class as an example:

1) You can allow us to create a Spin Class mix with peaks and valleys in the music to represent hills, flats and down hills.
2) You can let us develop the music for a Spin Class AND let us supply you with documentation with our suggested class flow: timing, countdowns, ideal tension, etc.
3) You can supply us with documentation on how you’d like the class to proceed, and we will make the mix match the timing and flow of the class as you would like it.
4) You not only give us the documentation that tells us how you want the class to proceed, but you pick all the songs too. You have us mix it together properly for a better class experience for people working out, and a much smoother, easier experience for you.

Keep in mind that we are totally fine with some overlap in your options. For example, you may want to have all the control of option 4, but let us choose one or two songs; or maybe you want to leave it all up to us and choose option 1, but tell us you want a summer theme. It’s all fine.

In addition, we can also create mixes that have varying degrees of vocal direction. These types of mixes are best used for anyone working out at home, in emergencies when an instructor can not make it in to class, trying out a new time slot for a class, and when instructors are not as comfortable and confident on a microphone, but are technically excellent, helpful and like spending more time making sure people are using the right techniques during a work out.

You can choose work out mixes that contain simple countdowns so that an instructor never misses the cues and does not need to look at the documentation to see what the timing of the transitions will be. You may also choose the next level up. This is mixes with the countdowns PLUS voices that talk about proper positioning, breathing instructions, explanations of the physiology of specific workouts, stances and exercises, and lots of encouragement. We make it as easy as possible for you.


Hitmen Entertainment Services is proud to introduce the ‘Live DJ Work Out’ concept for gyms and trainers who are looking for an edge when presenting at showcases, industry shows and large classes.

The concept is simple and effective!

Have an in class DJ play music for you live. This cool concept will definitely get noticed. It has a real ‘WOW’ factor, and people enjoy the vibe.

Aside from the obvious presentation value, there are several other outstanding features, including:
1) Perfect mixes and transitions. This makes the class run smoother.
2) Instructors can concentrate on teaching instead of fiddling with the music.
3) DJs will bring music knowledge that will widen the scope of appropriate music available.
4) Should the instructor be so inclined, requests can be made by the exercisers and incorporated into the classes, where applicable.
5) A DJ can easily shift gears and quickly change the music to offer theme spins, classes and work-outs.
6) The instructor will never have to worry about technical compatibility.
7) Instructors will always have the choice of leaving things completely up to the DJ, specifically asking for songs and exact timing, or anything in between.

Our DJs already have experience working in Fitness Classes, and that goes a long way in creating a harmonious relationship between the instructor and the DJ; as well as creating the right vibe for a successful workout. This concept can be used for grand opening parties, gym anniversary celebrations, or other special functions at the club. We can also supply lighting or add live musicians to really spice things up. This brings your customer experience to a whole new level.