Hitmen Casino Services – Where everyone is a high roller!

You can turn any get-together into a fun-filled casino night. We can handle small, one-table gatherings, or huge events with dozens of tables. It’s all up to you.

Tables available for your function include:

If you’re really looking to stand out, you can combine the action-packed atmosphere of a casino night with other types of entertainment or with Vegas style showgirls for an extra level of visual authenticity and stimulation.

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We will adjust our services to meet your specific and unique needs. You can:

Rent tables and equipment and pick them up from us.
You can have your rentals delivered and picked up for you.
You can get complete packages with all the dealers included.
You can actually have us organize your casino events and
poker tournaments – from beginning to end.
We can handle preparing additional items such as customized
chips, table tops or ‘fun money’ bills.
You can have us supply you with additional entertainment,
personnel, and services.

Suggested Casino Packages

We even have excellent casino/entertainment packages.
We make it easy for you, and we will fit your budget.
Packages include:
Casino & DJ
Casino & Jazz Band
Casino & Latin Trio
Casino & Latin Band
Casino & Security
Casino & Pop Band
Casino & Magician
Casino & Elvis Impersonator
Casino & Frank Sinatra Tribute
Casino & Bar Flare
Casino & Solo Musician (guitar, sax, etc.)
Casino & Models/Showgirls
Etc., Etc.

Looking for something you don’t see here? Please call us to get an idea of how else we can help you.

Custom Casino Gear
If you really want your event to be memorable, why not get customized chips, ‘fun’ money, casino table surfaces or completely personalized tables?

These items are expertly designed, and will creatively convey the vibe you’re going for. You will be consulted throughout the design process to ensure you’re getting what you want.

The great thing about custom tables and table tops is that they make excellent auction items at the end of the event; especially if you incorporate the date in the design or have celebrities that are at your function autograph it.

These custom designs also make great gifts for casino enthusiasts or people who need to fill up rec rooms, game rooms, man caves, etc. These are unique presents that totally stand out.

Casino Tournaments

If you are looking for a fun activity, consider a casino tournament. You can do multiple game events with prize give-aways at the end, or you can also do specific tournaments like poker and blackjack. Either way, we organize everything for you.

Our Dealers
Why Choose Full Service & Hire Professional Dealers/Croupiers?
We consider our dealers to be the single most important factor in setting the tone of your event, which is why we do not settle for anything less than the most professional dealers. Our croupiers are casino trained and come sharply dressed in matching uniforms. To help ensure your guests are comfortable and enjoying their gaming experience the Solaris Entertainment staff will encourage your guests to experiment and try new games as well as learn new strategies for games they are familiar with. Our staff will happily answer questions and make suggestions to make sure that everyone is having fun.

In addition, our dealers and pit bosses can offer quick or in depth lessons on how to play the different games, rules, strategies and what to be aware of while playing.

Pit Bosses: Our pit bosses are experienced and professional. They completely understand how to keep control of a casino night; and that means they will perform to the level of the event. If an event organizer is more interested in keeping their guests playing and wanting to give away lots of prizes using the tables as a means to do so, then the pit boss can loosen up on the stringency they would normally have. At the same time, if an organizer acquires a gaming license so real money can be used, and the money is being raised for charity, our pit bosses will keep their noses to the grindstone and ensure every dealer is performing optimally, every cash exchange is perfect, and that every penny is accounted for.

Our pit bosses help set the tone for the type of event organizers are trying to achieve. We will cater the tone of the event based on what your goals are.