The Days of Old, Stale Karaoke are Over!
You are getting a karaoke party when you book with the Hitmen! No more karaoke hosts that look and sound like carnies. A fresh karaoke concept requires a fresh, energetic host. We bring it!

You will see new life pumped into your karaoke events and establishments.

It is important that we provide you with the BEST service possible. The packages include a gargantuan karaoke song list, and we are completely up to date with brand new hits too!

Incite & Excite!
The crew that you get will not be there to just do karaoke…they’ll be there to throw a party. The hosts are all auditioned and trained to “incite and excite” your guests. They will command attention. They will encourage guests to get involved. They will keep the flow of the evening going for you. Having high energy hosts is the key to getting people to return.

Stand Out With Our Karaoke Services
We understand that getting people to come to your establishments and events is getting increasingly difficult. Coming up with creative concepts that stand out, and send your guests home satisfied, happy, and wanting to come back is also becoming more of a challenge. Hitmen Entertainment Services has a variety of karaoke solutions that meet all of your criteria for a successful night: Concept, promotion, repeat clientele, price, and distinctiveness:

EXTREME Karaoke & ULTIMATE Karaoke are here…
You can be a trend setter by providing your guests with an exciting new karaoke experience that is sure to attract attention. Simply put, with EXTREME Karaoke we can professionally record a person singing their songs, then send them a copy via e-mail. ULTIMATE Karaoke is the video version of EXTREME Karaoke.

Not only is this something that will immediately interest karaoke enthusiasts, but many people who are celebrating any kind of event will love the idea of having a free souvenir of the day; especially if they are singing songs with lots of family and friends.

And then there’s ROCK STAR KARAOKE
This is exactly what it sounds like. Sing your songs with a full, live band backing you up. How cool is that?


We Take Care Of Everything.
It is important to note that our fees include EVERYTHING. We mean it!

What You Get…
You can rest assured that we will be punctual, prepared for anything, and our customer relations will be second to none. You can rest easily knowing that all your guests will be treated with respect and patience, and we try to get as many people to sing as possible. Most importantly, we will always give you what you deem you need. We’re there to do the job for you. We’ve been in business for years and understand what it takes to get the job done right. Professionalism and reputation is important to us.

You will get our assistance to promote your night. We will supply you with professional posters and table tent notices that contain all the information that is important to getting the word out. We will also send out e-mail blasts from our massive database to let people know where to go for karaoke, and our hosts already have a following.

The first three levels of karaoke include:

LEVEL 1: Karaoke – This is regular karaoke, as you would expect to see in most bars. This might be all you need. We offer an excellent sound system with a powerful amp for increased clarity of music and vocals. We also offer a humungous music library that surpasses most other companies, and we use a large flat screen LCD TV for our display monitors. The bigger the display, the more people will want to sing along.

We can also offer additional “bells and whistles” if you need them. These could include: projectors, multiple monitors, multiple microphone set ups, etc. You tell us what you need; we’ll work it out.

LEVEL 2: Extreme CDKaraoke – Level 2 consists of everything in level one, but also includes Extreme Karaoke. Extreme Karaoke is karaoke where we will come in, set up extra equipment and supply your guests with an awesome keepsake. Right on your premises, we will record a person singing, snap a picture of them, then send them an audio copy of their performance.

LEVEL 3: Ultimate Karaoke – Level 3 consists of everything in level one, but also includes Ultimate Karaoke. Ultimate Karaoke is karaoke where we will come in, set up extra equipment and supply your guests with an awesome keepsake. Right on your premises, we will videotape a person singing, snap a picture of them, then send them a video copy of their performance.

*NB EXTREME Karaoke and ULTIMATE Karaoke can be done with CD or DVD copies handed over DURING the event. Ask for details.

Benefits for Establishments are huge
If you choose to take your entertainment to a higher level with EXTREME Karaoke or ULTIMATE KARAOKE, your establishment will be the go-to spot for karaoke enthusiasts because you’re offering them something other bars are not. Your place will also be a go-to spot for many private parties like stagettes, birthday parties, sports team banquets, anniversary parties, etc. because you are offering your guests something they can remember their experience with.

In addition, sending out these clips is an excellent way to expand (or start) a social media contact list in a non-aggressive way; where clients welcome the idea of receiving information from your establishment. It’s a great way to continue to promote your karaoke night, AND promote other things you have going on too.

Finally, you can completely brand your promotion by having us place an audio ad before each song we send out; or a video stripe throughout the video clips. These segments can contain logos, dates, song title, singer’s name, name of establishment, etc.

Karaoke Theme Night
Some of the fun karaoke themes you can get include:
Disco Karaoke
80’s Karaoke
90’s Karaoke
Elvis Karaoke
Power Karaoke – New Rock Karaoke/Modern Rock Karaoke/Alternative Rock Karaoke
Hip Hop Karaoke
Top 40 Music /Pop Karaoke
Rock & Roll Karaoke
Rock Star Karaoke – Live Band Karaoke
Karaoke DJs – DJs Karaoke Combo

You don’t need to put up an ad saying “karaoke for hire”. If you need to book karaoke, hire the best!