Other Services


Our roster of magicians will have you absolutely amazed! Whether they are performing close-up magic from table to table, or they are on stage with the spotlight on them, these guys will have your guests enthralled…

Some of our magicians are dark and mysterious. Some are hilarious. One way or another, we will have a magician that fits the mood for your event.


Hiring an MC to host an event can really help bring everything together. This type of things works very well for big sporting events. Our MCs and hosts will still play great music, but their focus will be on guest interaction in the form of: announcements; prize give-aways; trivia questions; games coordination (ie. Football squares or in bar guest competitions); greeting guests; cheerleading; etc. etc.

Change the atmosphere in your establishment for events. Make them lively! Make guests leave wanting to come back because they’ve had so much fun.


This can be as simple as sending in a DJ/emcee with a bunch of trivia questions, or it can consist of specific themes and organized games that can be done on a weekly basis. This type of thing can really build repeat clientele. Ask us about our pre-organized trivia events.


We offer even more to help you fill out your events. What kind of entertainment are you looking for?

If you’re looking for service oriented items that go above expectations we can help you. We deliver on other entertainment styles, and still take the same care to make sure we can give you options and quality.

Think about these…

Singer/Songwriters: We have talented singer/songwriters on our roster that can write an original song for your special event. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or any special occasion. You can have a special song customized based on your vision in any genre or style. For the added touch, our artists can perform the song in person at your event to truly capture the moment. Original recording will be provided to you!

Acoustic Shows: Sometimes you just don’t need a full band. You can have an acoustic solo or duo show. Just as entertaining, but quite a bit more intimate…and more quiet.

Latin Duo, Trio or Quartet: All the same things apply here that apply to booking an acoustic show.

Classical Strings: You can book a soloist or an orchestra. This is perfect for wedding ceremonies, formal patio events, cocktails, etc.

DANCERS/DANCE INSTRUCTORS: Enough said. There’s no better way to get a crowd dancing than to teach them how to do it! If you’re looking for ease when booking your entertainment, you can, knowing that you only need to make one stop with us. Just because it’s not listed, doesn’t mean we can’t get it. You can’t lose by calling us! Our instructors will also give lessons to brides and grooms to ensure that they will have a show-stopping first dance.

PRIZE CANNONS: If you’re having a big party where there will be lots of prizes to give away, you might as well do it with some pizzazz. We can supply you with some.

BAR FLARE COMPETITIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS: We have teamed up with Bar Flare competition and demonstration organizers. This is a very fun event that can attract a big crowd.

Santa Claus: Watch everyone’s face light up when they see an unexpected guest show up to you establishment or party. Santa Claus can make a special appearance for you, and we can make that happen. Santa Claus will be available for photos, gift requests, handing out presents, participating with kids in arts and crafts, and much more.