We are always looking for talented DJs, bands, promoters and musicians. What can you do? Get a hold of us and let us know. Even if you think that your talent is something that might not fit in with us – try us…you’d be surprised what we get calls for.

Even if your expertise is very specific, we can probably find you some work.

We are also always looking for people and organizations to partner up with to try new ventures in the live entertainment field. Some of the types of companies that we have teamed with include music groups, bar flare experts and casino night organizers. We try to give our customers ease and convenience by having them deal with less people and handle organizing things for them; you can expand your business by working with us. Everybody wins!

Last, we are always looking for qualified salespeople. We do pay weekly, and there are commissions on top of the pay. Working out a deal with a consistent client (like a bar or club) will earn you monthly commissions for as long as we deal with that client – whether you’ve decided to move on or not.

If you’re interested in any of this, let us know. Contact us at:

Hitmen Entertainment Services
230 Oakwood Avenue
Toronto , Ontario
Canada M6E 2V5