Live Entertainment

Hitmen Entertainment has been an industry leader for many years, and we excel at providing the BIG 4 most universally sought after and successful types of entertainment: DJs, bands, casino and karaoke. For the most part, these are sure-fire hits, and people love them. These have been the foundation of our company for many years. You will get top-notch entertainment if you book any of these with us. This is what we do.

Our many years in the industry also allows us to offer you a variety and higher level of service with the BIG 4. We can supply you with DJs, but if you are looking for something that will stand out, we can also provide you with specialty and niche genre DJs, great MC DJs that can entertain, give away prizes and do trivia, and we also have a strong roster of excellent female DJs. You can also add some visuals to your entertainment. Book a video jockey (VJ) with us.

Same goes for our bands. We can book outstanding bands for any establishment and function, but we also have specific bands for specific events. Jazz bands, Country bands, Latin bands, Soul/Funk/Dance Bands, Sinatra Tributes and Big Bands…the list goes on. We also have bands that can play era-specific music for theme parties and even soloists, duos and acoustic shows for more quiet engagements and venues.

Karaoke is no exception either. We can offer a basic, typical karaoke package, but we even shy away from suggesting that. We prefer to send 2 people to take care of all the karaoke action: 1 for the technical requirements and 1 to be the PARTY! That person will concentrate on just being a host, encouraging people to get up, sing, have fun and handle all of the interactions. That already sounds better than most of the karaoke out there where there’s one boring host who just wants to hear themselves singing, doesn’t it? Our goal for karaoke is INCLUSIVENESS. It’s a fun party that happens to have people singing. That atmosphere will bring people back.

We do other types of karaoke. Do you want to be a rock star? Well, you can. Rock Star Karaoke is exactly what it sounds like: you sing the songs with a live, full band backing you. How cool is that? Who wouldn’t want that experience? We offer it, and we do it well.

How about ExtremeKaraoke and UltimateKaraoke? We can record people singing (audio or audio and video) then either give it to them on a CD or DVD, or send it to them via e-mail. This is not just an attention grabbing style of karaoke that people will want to do because they get their own personal copy of their songs, but this is also an excellent way to continuously advertise to customers and brand your event. Let us help you put this together.

So, what if the BIG 4 types of entertainment don’t quite fit the bill for your establishment or function, but you still want to offer your guests or clients something more than what your competitors are offering? We can help you. Not enough space for a full band? How about a Latino trio, acoustic show or jazz duo? Do you want to create ambiance with little or no space? How about an accordion player or a violinist that can walk table-to-table? Do you have long line-ups or wait times for your guests to get a seat or maybe during peak times your kitchen gets backed up? You can entertain those guests while they wait instead of letting them sit and stew. Close-Up Magic or MCs that can go through a line up or go table-to-table and entertain via magic, trivia and prize give-aways. The extra effort you put in for your guests and clients will be noticed, and your returns will be too.